How It Works

*Available under only equity crowdfunding mode of investment.

Our vetted businesses are third party businesses whose proposals for equity funding have been thoroughly assessed and profiled to attract investment from our listed and unlisted equity partners or investors.

As a pre-requisite, all vetted businesses must be duly incorporated as companies limited by shares to raise funds by issuing equity shares to interested investors.

Investments in vetted businesses may be long term or short term. Long term investments are those that last longer than seven years whereas short term investments range from a couple of months up to seven years. Even in the absence of a secondary market within the investment ecosystem, investors have the option of trading their shares with interested buyers that meet the legal requirements to acquire and own shares.

As a matter of policy, we do not profile any business that cannot yield a minimum of 25% return on investment annually.

Business sends proposal and requisite attachments to Propartners Exchange to kick start the fundraising process.

A strict procedure for assessment is followed including visits and interviews

Step 3

A highly vetted business is profiled on our crowdfunding platform

Interested investors browse and select the business of their choice and complete details

Interested investors conduct further due diligence

Interested investors make payment using their preferred mode

Fundraising is monitored to complete documentation for shareholding or recovery of invested amount

Invest in our Vetted Businesses