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Investor Confidence and Business Finance in Ghana:
The ProPartners Approach
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  • Aug 4, 2020
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Ghana’s Banking Sector has suffered turbulence in the past few years. This has resulted in the collapse of several financial institutions, with grave consequences on the investment and business ecosystems, not to mention the loss of thousands of jobs. The reasons cited for the crisis in the financial sector, amongst others included; poor corporate governance, non-performing loans, credit risk, regulatory lapses etc.

Whatever the causes are, public confidence in the once relatively vibrant financial sector has since dwindled, with many calling for innovation and rethinking in the sector if we are to regain the confidence of the investing public. The financial sector needs invested funds upon which businesses rely as credit to grow. The Ghanaian economy is largely carried on the shoulders of thriving businesses. As the old saying goes, ‘the private sector is the engine of growth’.

At ProPartners, we believe in proffering domestic solutions to domestic problems. Our business model is a far departure from the existing norm in Ghana, where investors have little or no control over how their funds are managed. On the other hand, finance companies including banks have little or no control over funds borrowed by businesses. We at ProPartners believe the cure for this lack of cohesion between investors, finance companies and businesses is PARTNERSHIP!

Obviously, we cannot rely on yesterday’s methods in solving today’s problems, hence the ProPartners Approach. Our business model is simply supported on openness. In the information era, secrecy about nature of business is not only unattractive, it is obsolete.

Propartners Exchange provides business and equity partnership services, together with other business support services to informal sector businesses and small businesses in the formal sector.

We build and manage partnerships between Entrepreneurs and Equity Partners.

In plain language, we organize local businesses by providing various business support services including training, branding, book-keeping, networking and marketing, to position them to attract finance through equity capital partnerships. On the other hand, we have designed various equity investment products to meet the needs of the investing public.

At, ProPartners, we build fruitful relationships between investors and businesses relying on their funds for growth and expansion. Our role is to find profitable ventures and reliable entrepreneurs. Our role is to find equity investors seeking to maximise their investments. Our security is founded on openness. Our strength is founded on cohesion.

Yes! We are partners! We manage your investment! We manage your business!

At ProPartners, we think differently. With carefully selected industry experts and investment enthusiasts, we are building a resource for direct investments into local businesses using various business and equity partnership products designed for short, medium and long term investments targeted at start-up and existing businesses.