We provide various business support services. We also provide or facilitate business funding through equity partnerships.

Our equity investments apply to all legal businesses except NGOs and Churches.

There is no limit to our funding but we have initial funding thresholds.

A maximum of six months should be adequate for good relationship building prior to funding.

A partnership can last as long as the partners are willing to do so.

Daily business records are kept by our officers for every business.

No. We are equity partners; we do not take our money back.

It depends on percentage shareholding.

No. Capital from partners is equity and not a loan.

We rely on both foreign and local partners.

Equity partners legally become part-owners of the business.

Plans are in place to open branches in all regional capitals in Ghana. We do not have branches outside Ghana but we have partners outside Ghana.

An applicant must be anyone who wants to start or grow a business. Registration requirements include ID, Passport pictures, Utility bill and any available business documents.

We have been in business for over Ten (10) years but this current business model is new.