Propartners Exchange Limited organizes small businesses by providing various support services including but not limited to training, branding, book-keeping and networking to make them less risky, and to connect them to equity capital partners.

In effect, our core business is building and managing partnerships between Entrepreneurs and Equity Capital Partners.

As a matter of policy, we do not work with businesses that cannot yield at least 25% annual Return-on-Investment (ROI). Indeed, some of our partner-businesses yield as high as 35% or more annually. Propartners also firmly believes that direct business investment by equity partners will not only build stronger local businesses but also advance the national effort towards a better economy.

Propartners employs an invasive strategy to mitigate the risks associated with the sector. We roll up our sleeves to work with our customer-businesses. Our approach is built on simply doing it with them or for them in some cases.
• We would like to work with you. We will work with you to give you the highest possible returns on investment.
• We will work to secure your investment in any business venture.
• We will work to harness ordinary resources from ordinary sources to build extraordinary businesses.

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