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Buy & Sell Magalogue (with Local Business Directory)
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Buy & Sell Magalogue (with Local Business Directory)

Our magalogue is the first of its kind in Ghana. The colourful pictorial magalogue is an advertising catalogue-magazine. It is a monthly publication distributed nationwide with over 10,000 free copies circulated through supermarkets, hotels, coaches and other public places.

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Contact us via magalogue@propartners.com.gh  or businessdirectory@propartners.com.gh


Please find below various reward packages available to patrons of the Magalogue. Our stylish advertising magazine loves to be a part of you for as long as possible.


Patrons are encouraged to keep every issue of the magalogue for as long as possible. This is to prolong the shelf life of the magalogue in order to maximize its advertising value. This is what the 100 fold reward programme seeks to achieve. Patrons are required to return 12 consecutive copies to our office to entitle them to a cash reward being 100 times the prevailing pay & win value of the magalogue.


The buy & sell magalogue is essentially a free magazine but the publisher has chosen to excite patrons with cash rewards through the magalogue pay & win option. To enter, a patron having picked a free copy from any outlet, is required to follow the instructions stated in the pay & win section and completing the payment procedure. Each entry automatically goes through a point-building process that depends on four major factors namely dispatch time, payment time, total number of entries and number on payment roll. Up to 100 entries that accumulate a minimum of 500 points earn cash rewards up to 100 cedis each.


The magalogue offers this amazing opportunity to amateur and professional photographers to publish some of their most interesting pictures of places, events or moments. This is to add a touch of life to the magazine. The photo contest employs a strict selection criterion based on a combination of factors including imagery, originality, rarity, and value. Three entries shall be shortlisted every month. The winner earns cash reward representing 20% of half page advert price together with half page photo publishing with full credits. The other two will each earn cash reward representing 20% of quarter page advert price together with quarter page photo publishing with full credits.

As an added advantage, advertisements printed in the stylish catalogue magazine are further promoted online at no extra charge. Click to request quote.