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Standards & Brand Partnership
Standards & Brand Partnership

Standards & Brand Partnership

This product provides training, branding and funding for existing businesses.

Propartners builds a strong relationship with registered businesses and entrepreneurs through preparation of business plans, bookkeeping, training, and advisory services.

Reliable entrepreneurs and profitable businesses become eligible for branding and equity funding of any amount required for expanding their businesses. It’s that easy to grow your business!

Let’s begin a relationship now.

  1. Fill our customer form (with valid National ID, Passport Photo, Utility Bill, and Business Certificates-optional)
  2. Pay a refundable commitment fee of GHc 100.00
  3. Discuss existing records or start book keeping by our professionals
  4. Discuss written business plan (submitted or prepared by our team)
  5. Wait for appraisal report (minimum of three months)
  6. Sign agreement for funding and branding

Contact us via: 0302729536, or info@propartners.com.gh

Please fill form to register as Business Partner or Entrepreneur. We will get back as soon as possible.