Propartners Exchange works with entrepreneurs and small businesses on one hand and equity investors on the other hand.

Our business partners are passionate startup or existing entrepreneurs who present proposals requesting capital injection for short- or long-term profitable business opportunities.

Propartners injects or facilitates the injection of equity capital in profitable ventures. Our services cut across the wide spectrum of MSMEs from traders and farmers within the informal sector to contractors and other small businesses in the formal sector.

We are open to great business opportunities as far as these remain legal and ethical. Our processes and requirements are simple and straightforward. We have the environment which qualifies to be your first point of call for small business equity finance no matter your educational background or number of years in business.

All proposals, however small the capital investment required, are highly vetted to ensure utmost security of invested funds. Business partners are encouraged to take time to get all facts and figures right to avoid inconveniences, delays, rejection or blacklisting.


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