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Business and Equity Partnerships – Raise Capital, Grow Your Money or Simply Find Management Partners
  • Mar 13, 2020
  • Blog


The dual partnership exchange works on one end with businesspersons, and with investors on the other end. This strategic arrangement is used to prepare the entrepreneurs and the investment partners to meet crucial requirements to safeguard business and investment interests respectively.

Hence, the exchange has two main categories of partnerships to deliver a unique solution. These are business partnerships and equity partnerships. There are various products available under each category to suit diverse customer needs.


At Propartners, a business partner is an entrepreneur, a project developer or a skilled professional who seeks to use the exchange to raise equity capital and/or other resources for profitable business ventures. The business partner opens up to share ownership and profits with equity capital investors.

Products under this category include the following.

  • Start-up Partnership

Persons who want to start business can secure capital and other resources.

  • Standards & Brand Partnership

Entrepreneurs can use this product to mobilize resources for expanding existing businesses.

  • Ready Fund Partnership

This is suitable for raising funds to meet emergency business needs.

  • Project Partnership

Existing businesses can use this product to finance viable commercial projects.

  • Sports & Arts Partnership

One can make business out of his or her talent through training, promotion, or management.

  • Business Management Partnership

This product serves business owners who don’t have the time to directly run their businesses.


On the other hand, an equity partner refers to an individual or a corporate entity that takes up equity investment opportunities presented by business partners on the exchange. The equity partner seeks to become a part-owner of the business, taking on risks and making high returns on investment.

Products available for equity partnership are listed below.

  • Limited Partnership Equity Advantage (LPEA)

Individuals can invest on short, medium or long term in businesses with minimal risks at predetermined rates through forward contracts with Propartners.

  • Project Purchase Order Partnership (PPOP)

This is suitable for individuals to directly invest on short, medium or long term in businesses with the partnership managed by Propartners.

  • Guaranteed Fund Partnership (G-FUND)

Individuals can invest in businesses on short term at almost no risk because investors receive title properties as guarantees.

  • Cluster Enterprise Partnership (CEP)

This product is for individuals to invest as part owners of chain businesses managed by Propartners.

  • Project Partnership Equity Network (PPEN)

This product presents long term investment opportunities for organizations and individuals to execute large commercial projects.

  • Project Partnership Equity Trust (PPET)

Organizations and individuals can invest on long term as part of groups in existing businesses.

  • Adopted Enterprise Partnership (AEP)

Corporations can adopt start-up or existing ventures as remote subsidiaries through long term investment partnership to be managed by Propartners.