Propartners is a leading Equity Partnership and Equity Crowdfunding platform in Ghana

Where great businesses and great people meet. We bring together businesses looking for investment and investors with the capital, contacts and knowledge to help them succeed.

Equity Crowdfunding Investments

Propartners works with entrepreneurs having brilliant ideas & innovative products and services that are looking for funds to start or expand their businesses.

Invest in our Model Businesses

Invest in a model business if you have a significant amount of money for a long-term investment in a profitable business or you desire to earn very attractive returns on a quarterly or monthly basis. You can invest alone or together with a few other like-minded equity partners or investors.

Invest in our Holding Companies

Contribute capital or invest in a holding company no matter how small or big the money you have. Own shares in a special purpose limited liability company right from its promotion stage. Pool capital with other contributors or investors and earn great returns in dividends.

Propartners' Platform is your simple, safe and sure way to invest or raise funds

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A crowdfunding platform to invest in Ghana and make a difference. Choose from our current investment opportunities. Support great ideas and profitable businesses to create employment and wealth.

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Are you a business owner or an entrepreneur looking for ways to raise funds for your business?

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Our story is not complete without our subsidiaries, model businesses, holding companies, vetted businesses, and partners over the years.

Raise funds for not-for-profit initiatives. Partner with us on your campaigns for health interventions, educational projects and other similar initiatives.

Support a worthy cause with our Donation or Reward Crowdfunding

Our platform only profiles thoroughly assessed projects submitted by reputable individuals or organisations. Back a campaign today. Donate for direct social impact.